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Informatique 1 (INF1)

Systèmes industriels 1ère année, Haute école d’ingénierie

Dans ce cours, nous apprenons à programmer avec le langage Java, à comprendre et écrire des algorithmes, ainsi qu’à développer des interfaces graphiques. Vous trouverez un descriptif détaillé du cours ici.

Secret page !

A secret page (with a game!) has been added to the web site. Can you find it ?? It requires to press a sequence of keys, like in old games…

Mini-project rules

Dear students,

At the end of the first semester, you have to produce a mini game which we be graded for the bonus. The rules are as follows:

  • You must work in groups of 2-3 people. Groups can be freely chosen.
  • The deadline for the hand-in is December 21st 2020, 23h00 (CET).

You must hand-in the produced code as well as an « executable » version of it in form of a JAR file. There is no report.

  1. To export the code from Eclipse, select your project, right-click on it, select Export and then choose Archive file. This will produce a zip file.
  2. To create an executable, follow the instructions there :
  3. Rename both files to include the LASTNAME and FIRSTNAME of every group member. For instance,

Send me both files (the JAR and the ZIP) to me using the following link.