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Informatique 1 (INF1)

Systèmes industriels 1ère année, Haute école d’ingénierie

Dans ce cours, nous apprenons à programmer avec le langage Java, à comprendre et écrire des algorithmes, ainsi qu’à développer des interfaces graphiques. Vous trouverez un descriptif détaillé du cours ici.

The GDX2D graphics library

For your project, you will use a dedicated graphics library that we developed especially for you. Called GDX2D, this library has several advanced capabilities (such as GPU shaders, spritesheets, audio and controllers).

As it is often the case with real-world libraries, it is hosted with its documentation on a GitHub website. On that site, you can download the latest version, find the documention as well as several examples of its use. Here is a demo reel of the libraries capabilites:

Do not hesitate to post your comments, bug reports…

Thème de la récursion

Vous allez découvrir dans la thématique 12 qui traite de la récursivité comment des fonctions peuvent s’appeler elles-mêmes ! Dans le laboratoire vous pourrez appliquer ces mécanismes au dessin d’objets autosimilaires comme les flocons de neige ou les fougères !

Mini-project rules

Dear students,

At the end of the first semester, you have to produce a mini game which we be graded for the bonus. The rules are as follows:

  • You must work in groups of 2-3 people. Groups can be freely chosen.
  • The deadline for the hand-in is Friday, January 21st 2022, 23h59 (CET).

You must hand-in the produced code as well as an « executable » version of it in form of a JAR file. There is no report.

  1. To export the code from Eclipse, select your project, right-click on it, select Export and then choose Archive file. This will produce a zip file.
  2. To create an executable, follow the instructions there :
  3. Rename both files to include the LASTNAME and FIRSTNAME of every group member. For instance,

Send me both files (the JAR and the ZIP) to me using the following link.